A school visit to us includes:




All school groups are given an introductory talk on arrival from one of our experienced members of staff. This talk will be tailored to suit the age of pupils in your group and will give an overview of the work we do and the birds that we have in our care.

Ample free coach parking with easy set down and pickup 

Free recce for school group leader in advance

Free driver admission

Fully accessible buildings and grounds

We have a full daily timetable of activities that your school group can take part in, including watching our amazing owls fly. On top of these activities, we offer a range of on-site workshops that have been designed to give a more hands-on approach to learning.



Nocturnal animals & birds

Gain an insight into the fascinating world of Owls. Learn about how their eye colour, hearing and feather design make them perfectly adapted to survival at night. 

Objectives: This hands-on activity is designed to teach students about nocturnal animals and the senses they employ to navigate life in the dark. 

Key subject: Science

Adaptable for: KS1 – KS4

Running time: 1 hour


Predator Adaptations & Food

Delve into the world of survival and find out just how amazing nature really is.

Objectives: Recognise that birds have different adaptations which aid their survival in the wild. Through observations and gathering information from different sources throughout the visit, pupils will identify key adaptations and their function.

Key subject: Science

Adaptable for: KS1 – KS3

Running time: 1 hour



Watch how a variety of birds of prey use their different styles of flight to gain an advantage over their prey. Work out what styles of flight work best for which species and why. Study wing shapes and styles and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Objectives: Investigate how nature uses different styles of flight to survive. Observe, identify and record a variety of flight styles using ID sheets. Discuss how the human word has learned from birds to develop. 

Key subject: Science

Adaptable for: KS1 – KS4

Running time: 1 hour


Life in Words

Let our birds of prey broaden minds and inspire creative thinking and writing.

Objectives: Reflecting on their experience at The Secret Owl Garden to compose a poem or piece of creative writing using descriptive words, feelings, emotions and facts learned during their visit. Acquiring a wider vocabulary, using discussion and creative writing to explore expressing opinions, thoughts and feelings.

Key subject: English

Adaptable for: KS1 – KS4

Running time: 1 hour


Art Workshop

Inspire artistic imagination and creativity with the challenge of drawing a real, live bird of prey posing in natural surroundings right in front of your eyes! 

Objectives: Produce creative work through observational drawing. Develop basic artistic techniques and use creative flair to interpret visual experience. Recognise patterns and colours used in the natural world aiding camouflage.

Key subject: Art

Adaptable for: KS1 – KS4

Running time: 1 hour








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